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Afke's Winning Streak after fire tragedy 08.05.19

A DUTCH woman, who has been living in Buncrana for more than 30 years, will become the latest Inishowen person to make an appearance on the Winning Streak TV game show this Saturday (11th May) just months after a fire destroyed her family business.
Afke Barr is originally from Freisland in the Netherlands but has lived in Ireland for 33 years. She met her husband John in Listowel at the All Ireland Fleadh and the pair now have two daughters in their twenties, Caoimhe and Orla.
Inishowen woman, Afke Barr, gets to go on Winning Streak only months after a fire destroyed her family business, the John Barr drapery store in Buncrana.
Afke’s Winning Streak appearance is a result of an unfortunate tragedy following a fire at their business premises in Buncrana which saw the John Barr drapery store burn down last February. Thanks to help from the local community, the business reopened at another premises and a good luck card containing a Winning Streak ticket was the one which was pulled out on the show last Saturday by presenters Marty Whelan and Sinead Kennedy.
Everyone in Buncrana was delighted to see Afke Barr being called to appear on the show and she has had incredible support from the entire community who wish her all the very best of luck.
Afke will be surrounded by her close friends and neighbours in the RTÉ studios on Saturday evening and she hopes that her family’s fortune is about to change with a big win on the show.
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