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Donegal man skips his way to Lotto HQ 14.05.19

A YOUNG Donegal man who claimed his winning cheque for €250,000 at National Lottery HQ revealed that the only thing on his shopping list for the moment is to hire a skip and clear out his home.
He claimed the top prize on the Lotto Plus 2 draw on Saturday, 4th May.
Speaking of his plans, the Donegal man said: “It’s funny, when I checked my ticket numbers online and I realised I had won, I was barely able to sit still. It’s crazy now when I say it but once the shock had settled, I was thinking, I could go back to college part-time, I could get a new car and I could get a house, but all I can think of is hiring a skip to clear out some clutter in my current home.”
“It’s been something on my mind for a while and I keep putting the clearout on the long finger but when I get home later today, the first thing I’ll be doing is ordering that skip and after that, we’ll see what happens.”
He bought his Lotto Quick Pick ticket in the Eason’s store in the Letterkenny Shopping Centre.
A spokesperson from the National Lottery said: “Winners come through our doors with all types of plans. Some tell us they are planning extravagant purchases, like cars and trips around the world. Others use their windfalls to help kick-start a business idea or even use their win to fund a college course, but this is the first time anyone has ever come in and said their first purchase will be a skip! We wish our latest Donegal winner the very best of luck in his future.”
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