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Get inspired at Inishowen Fire Starter event 29.01.19

INSPIRING Inishowen - A Creative Conversation welcomes all for a cuppa on February 4th at 4pm to enjoy sharing experiences of being inspired in and by Inishowen.
This one-off event is part of the Fire Starter Festival, which is a two-week festival of collaborative learning events, illuminating creative, challenging and innovative ways in which we can all transform ourselves, our families, our organisations, our clubs, our communities, our sectors, our environment and the wider system.
Fire Starter Festival events will be held from 27th January to 11th February 2019 across all of Ireland.
Inspiring Inishowen - A Creative Conversation is on February 4th at 4pm in The Point Inn, Quigley's Point.
"Trying out something new is encouraged by Fire Starter" says Inspiring Inishowen host Kathleen O'Hara Farren. She invites all to experience conversation in an inspiring way and bring your inspiring thoughts and gifts... Simply put this is a gathering of people of all ages sitting drinking tea and chatting but deeper down this is a hive of creative ideas which may form our future here in Inishowen! A couple of hours of entertainment and conversation, World Cafe is one where you have rounds of conversations about what is inspiring you about where you live. You are invited to bring info and gifts to share. "I hope that creative and enterprising people in the community will attend to share and support others. I hope also that children will be well represented, as well as elders from all over Inishowen. This is a rare opportunity, in a time of great potential for us to come together and be inspired to take ourselves & Inishowen to the best possible way of living!" says Kathleen O'Hara Farren the Inspiring Inishowen event facilitator.
Kathleen O'Hara Farren is hosting Inspiring Inishowen - A Creative Conversation on February 4th at 4pm in The Point Inn, Quigley's Point. Contact Kathleen O'Hara Farren 086 1211898.
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