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Coast Guard rescue teenagers at Kinnego Bay 16.07.19

GREENCASTLE Coast Guard rescued a party of six teenagers who had been rock climbing near Kinnego Bay on Sunday, 14th July, 2019.
The teenagers, from Inishowen and Derry, had got in to difficulty and one of the boys had fallen approximately 35 feet and required immediate assistance. The alarm was raised when two of the party made their way back around the coast to the beach and alerted campers in the area.
Two men who had been camping at the beach called the emergency services. They then went by kayak to the location and provided first aid to the injured casualty. Greencastle Coast Guard rescue boat arrived on the scene at 21:12hrs and landed crew ashore to provide assistance. The rescue boat then took three of the teenagers off the rocks and landed them to the safety of the beach, where they were checked over by waiting ambulance crew and received medical attention for cuts, bruises and hypothermia.
 Coast Guard Helicopter, Rescue 118, landed at Kinnego beach and transported the casualty to Letterkenny University Hospital.
The Greencastle Coast Guard boat transported two HSE paramedics from the beach and to the casualty location. The casualty was then placed in a stretcher and transported by boat to the beach where the Sligo based Coast Guard Helicopter, Rescue 118, had landed.
The casualty was transferred to the waiting helicopter and taken immediately to Letterkenny University Hospital. The injured youth suffered two fractures to his skull, required stitches and was treated for a broken wrist.
Greencastle Coast Guard officer in charge, Charlie Cavanagh, said "the rescue operation went smoothly and the weather conditions were favourable, allowing the rescue boat to gain access to the casualty's location and also allowed the boat and helicopter to both make safe beach landings".
Mr Cavanagh thanked the two kayakers for their prompt action in alerting authorities and for their assistance on scene. He acknowledged the job was a very professional joint operation involving HSE ambulance crews, Coast Guard Helicopter, Gardaí, Malin Head Coast Guard MRSC and volunteer members of Greencastle Coast Guard and thanked everyone involved.
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