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Clonmany man lay dead at home 18.01.19

GARDAÍ are trying to determine how long a Clonmany man lay dead at home in a tragedy that has left locals shocked and saddened.
The body of 53-year old Shaun Grant was found in the bedroom of his home at Cleagh, Clonmany, on Tuesday, last, when gardaí were forced to break into the property.
Mr Grant, who spent much of his time in Dublin, hadn’t been seen in the area for some months, with some putting his absence down to continuous movements between the capital and his home village.
Foul play is not suspected and natural causes are most likely responsible for the death.
But a number of factors may have led to the body tragically lying undiscovered for some time.
Mr Grant, who had a long career in insurance, was an only child without siblings privy to his whereabouts. He was known as a single man.
Meanwhile, he did not drive and people would therefore not know, by virtue of a car in the driveway, whether or not he was at home.
One source said: “I think people in Donegal thought he was in Dublin and people in Dublin thought he was in Donegal.
“He was a quiet man who kept himself to himself. He didn’t have a car and took the bus up and down to Dublin. He lived two lives – one in Donegal and one in Dublin.”
Unusually for Mr Grant, he missed last August’s Clonmany Festival, the biggest celebration in the village calendar.
He also missed an uncle’s funeral in December.
A Garda spokesperson said: “Gardaí are investigating the discovery of a body of a man in his fifties at a house in Clonmany. The state pathologist has been notified and investigations are ongoing. No further updates (are) available and (the case is) not deemed suspicious.” Mr Grant will be buried following 11am requiem mass in Clonmany on Saturday, January 19, 2019.
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