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North West Cancer Centre patients video launched 04.11.19

AN information video for new patients attending the North West Cancer Centre was launched last week. The video was produced to give patients an opportunity to prepare for what to expect before and during their radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatment.
It also highlights the support available from Macmillan Cancer Support, both at the Cancer Centre and at the Macmillan Support Centre on the Altnagelvin site.
Una Cardin, Assistant Director of Nursing at the North West Cancer Centre, said: “The new video was developed to assist our patients, especially those with a new cancer diagnosis and visiting the Cancer Centre for the first time. We incorporated all the relevant information on what to expect when attending for diagnostic scans, pre-treatment appointments and the treatment itself.
“The video also features staff and volunteers from the Centre and lets patients know the range and many different staff they will meet during their cancer treatment journey.”
The video follows two patients (actors) from their arrival at the Cancer Centre, through the treatment planning process and shows what can be expected from the treatment itself. Useful information on parking, support services and other facilities in the hospital are also covered to ensure that the patient has all information available before their first appointment.
Una added: “A person’s cancer journey can be a worrying and emotional time. We hope that the video will help break down some of the fear, uncertainty and misunderstanding that can come when faced with having to receive treatment for cancer. It will provide people with information so that they know where to come and what to expect. We hope this will also give people the time to think of questions they would like to ask staff when they arrive for their treatment."
The North West Cancer Centre opened in November 2016 and has treated over 2000 radiotherapy patients across a range of tumour sites over the past three years. The much needed facility has ended the need for long and stressful journeys to Dublin, Galway and Belfast, for the majority of Donegal radiotherapy patients.
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