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Want a set of free bike lights? 02.12.19

THE North West Greenway Network is organising a bike lights giveaway session in Inishowen to promote the use of lights while cycling on the roads. The ‘Light Your Bike’ campaign rolls into the Gap Café in Bridgend on Thursday, December 5th. Project staff will be on site from 4.45pm - 5.45pm giving out sets of lights on a ‘first come first served’ basis.
The ‘Light Your Bike’ campaign will be at the Gap Café in Bridgend on Thursday, December 5th.
Emma Hagger, Active Travel Officer for the project said: "It is now law – both in the north and south – for cyclists to have front and rear lights during lighting-up times. But more importantly, to cycle safely cyclists must be seen, both on rural roads and around the city, which mean lights are essential. Since we want more people to consider the bicycle as their mode of transport, this is a small but tangible step to making people think differently about cycling as their mode of transport."
As stocks are limited, drop down early to collect your set of lights and to discuss all things cycling with Emma and Ronan Gallagher, the project’s Communications Officer.
For more information, contact Emma Hagger on 0044 7500 833 132.
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