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A snapshot of County Donegal 27.07.18

THE Western Development Commission has published an infographic of sixteen key County Donegal statistics from the CSO’s Census of Population in 2016.
The population of County Donegal in 2016 was 159,192, that's only 54% of what it was in 1841. The majority of people in the county, almost 73%, live in rural areas.
Dr Helen McHenry, Policy Analyst with the WDC said: “The infographics are an entertaining means of giving information about the county. They show important information and county characteristics in an accessible and lively way. We hope the infographics will be used in schools and in workplaces and anywhere that people want to know more about the county where they live or are visiting.”
To see full size infographic click here .
There is a mix of statistics highlighted on the infographic above. It shows the percentage with access to broadband in Donegal (62%) and also shows that most of the population consider themselves to be in very good health (56.7%). It also gives information about work and education. In Donegal the average time taken to travel to work is 22 minutes, one of the lowest in Ireland. 57% of the working age population is in the work force and 33% have a third level qualification. Two employment sectors are also shown. Donegal has 9.2% of its workers in industry and 6.8% working in agriculture.
Download the infographic for Donegal and other Western counties at www.wdc.ie .
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