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Fullerton Dam to host McGuinness fishing competition 10.09.18

THE Gasyard Féile have launched a fly fishing competition in memory of the late Martin McGuinness to be held at the Fullerton Dam in the Illies, Buncrana. Martin Mc Guinness was a keen angler with a particular affinity to fishing in Buncrana where the competition is due to be held on Sunday 23rd of September 2018.
Gareth Stewart manager of Gasyard Féile stated. “We choose The Eddie Fullerton Dam as Martin had an affinity and family ties in the Illies and he also had a very close friendship with Eddie Fullerton.”
Fullerton Dam at the Illies, Buncrana.
The competition will be strictly fly fishing from a boat, with a maximum of three people per boat, there will be ten boats available for the competition and anglers are asked to register through the Féile email address.
Gareth continued. “The competition will be held on Sunday 23 September and we would ask anyone looking to participate in the Martin McGuinness Memorial Fly Fishing competition to register by emailing us at feilederry@gmail.com or by ringing us on 028 71262812. There are limited places available so it will be on a first come first served basis. Registration and instruction will begin at 11am and fishing will begin at 12 noon until 5pm. This will be all over seen by the Buncrana Anglers who competition terms and conditions we will be following and we thank Buncrana Anglers for their assistance in the competition. Following the fishing we will hold the presentations and a barbecue.”
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