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Cash-hunters ‘maul’ Cadbury Creme Eggs 15.02.18

SHOPKEEPERS including those in Donegal have been urged to keep Cadbury Creme Eggs out of reach of sticky little fingers as people take a sneak peek under the wrappers for white ones worth up to €1,000.
The popular Willy Wonka-style promotion has been running for several weeks but some people think it may pose a food safety issue.
The picked-at eggs have become a feature in Inishowen shops selling the fondant-filled confection.
Some customers have even taken to the Cadbury Ireland Facebook page to give out about what they perceive as a problem with the eggs-citing promotion.
“Sick of going into shops and seeing all the Creme Eggs and the wrapper on most of them are pulled back to see is there a white egg in it. It's so not fair and very unhygienic,” said one disgruntled chocolate lover.
Another said: “I love Creme Eggs – (they’re) 100% my favourite but in our local shops every single one has been tampered with looking for the white egg, so I haven’t been buying them unless the multipack if I go to a supermarket. It’s disgusting that (they) are all being mauled by people.”
White Creme Eggs found in Ireland. (Facebook Cadbury Ireland)
The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) told Inishowen News that it had received no complaints about the Cadbury white Creme Egg promotion.
But it had some advice for retailers and Cadbury saying the promotion had created “heightened interest” in the product.
“From a food safety point of view, this is something that should be addressed at shop level where retailers feel that there is a risk of children opening the eggs without the intention of purchasing one,” an FSAI spokesperson said. 
“The wrapping around the egg is the same as has always been around the usual Cadbury Creme Egg.  Consideration could be given to placing these at shop level where retailers feel open access is not an option.  This is something that Cadbury could look at when they review this promotion,” the spokesperson added.
Last week Cadbury told Facebook followers: “Loads of White Creme Eggs have been found across Ireland but there’s still some out there. Keep hunting for a chance to find yours and win up to €1,000! #CremeEggHuntingSeason”.
Cadbury has been contacted for comment.
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