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"Major upheaval" for Quigley's Point patients 09.01.18

THE HSE has been asked to prioritise repair works at an Inishowen health centre damaged by flash flooding last summer.
Deputy Charlie McConalogue has called on the HSE to ensure that works on the health centre in Quigley’s Point are carried out as soon as possible. The centre was damaged in the freak flood that hit the peninsula on August 22, 2017.
“The damage caused to the health centre last summer has resulted in the cancellation of the satellite GP service, which serves local residents," he said.
"This is causing a major upheaval for older people and people who are incapacitated as they find it incredibly difficult to access GP services. This is also increasing pressure on GP services in Moville."
The HSE has confirmed that it expects the centre to be back up and running by April 2018.
"This seems an exceptionally long time to wait for repair works to be carried out, given that the flooding occurred in August.
Deputy Charlie McConalogue.
I am calling on the HSE to expedite the works so that a full service can be up and running in the next few weeks.
“I will continue to follow this up on the behalf of the local community with a view to having works here progressed without delay," added the FF deputy.
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