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Card players enjoy Donegal Bridge Congress 20.11.18

DONEGAL’s 43rd International Bridge Congress was enjoyed by all who attended. Hotels, Bed & Breakfast and Airbnb accommodation in the Donegal Town area were very busy as bridge players from both sides of the border, the UK and Scotland arrived in large numbers for the annual gathering.
The Donegal Congress President from Inishowen, Mary Doherty, welcomed everyone and wished them a great weekend at the card table.
Moville’s Christine Bell & Una Morrison were the winners of the Intermediate ‘B’ & Novice Pair Competition receiving their prize from President of the CBAI, Peter O’Meara and Donegal Congress President, Mary Doherty.
To view more photos of event click here . Rosewoods boutique and Peters Man Shop presented a fashion show in the Abbey hotel on the Saturday morning, November 3. This was followed by an excellent workshop by Diane Greenwood an Irish international bridge player. A great night of music and dancing was enjoyed by all on the Saturday night in the Central Hotel. On the Sunday morning Mass was available in the Abbey Hotel at 10am which was followed at 11am by the annual Sunday reception in the Central Hotel and the presentation of prizes. The Donegal Congress came to a close at 11pm on the Sunday night.  Results were as follows...

Mixed Pairs Championship – Donegal 4th Nov 2018: 1. Patricia O'Sullivan & Dermot O'Brien; 2. Mary Kelly Rogers & Connell McLoone; 3. Anna Carr & Tom Lawlor; 4. Sandra & John McGinley; 5. Kathleen McCay & John F. Lafferty; 6. Deirdre Reid & Christy Tierney; 7. Grainne Dunne & Gerry Kelly; 8. Hilary Ferguson & John Ferguson; 9 Carmel Gallinagh & Charlie Whyte; 10. Lynne& Robert Knight.

Donegal Congress 3rd Nov Teams 2018
Winners Diane Greenwood & husband David, Teresa Rigney and Martin Devlin; 2. William Dukelow, Dean Bradley, John & Anne Bergin; 3. Connell McLoone, Pat McDaid, Michael O’Kane and Elizabeth Mulhaeur; 4 Kay Clement, Phyllis O'Regan, Shaun McNutt and Liam Gavin; 5. Denis Ellis, Charlie Whyte, John McGinley and Jimmy Gallagher

Donegal Congress 3rd Nov Intermediate Teams 2018
1. Una Pattison, Freddy Duffy, Nora Kelly & Cathy Monks; 2.Ita O’Sullivan, Jason Cottrell, Mary & John Bourke; 3. Muriel Davidson and Eugene O’Sullivan, Patsy Doherty, Connell McGrenra; 4. Marian Gallagher & Phyllis Murphy, Margaret Nairn & JJ McBride; 5. John & Hilary McCrogan, Tom and Margaret Ginty.

Congress Pairs
First: Hilary Ferguson - John Ferguson 2nd Diane Greenwood - Teresa Rigney; 3rd John Macdonald - Frank Goodwin; 4th Deirdre Reid - Christy Tierney; 5th David Greenwood - Martin Devlin (Session 1 winners) 6th Michael Waldron - Billy Cunniffe (MA) (=Best MA); 7th Heather Hill - Alan Hill; 8th Denis Ellis - Charlie Whyte Best Region; 9th Gerry Lawlor - Maura Lawlor; 10th Marie Beaney - Seamus Boyle (MA) =Best Donegal; 11th Paddy Hamill - Brian Clarke (MA); 12th Bernie Sargent - Eric McNicholl; 13th Mary Brennan - Vincent Brennan ;14th Maeve Costello - Declan Gallagher (MA); 15th Billy Ronan - Pat Cassidy ; 16th Anna Carr - Mary Brady; 17th Siobhan Part - Cass O'Donnell; 18th John McClenaghan - James McLaughlin; 19th Anne Bergin - John Bergin; 20th Jimmy Gallagher - John McGinley .

Intermediate A pairs
1st Nora Kelly - Kathy Monks; 2nd Patsy O'Kane - Margaret O'Kane; 3rd Paul Brennan - Martin T O'Brien; 4th Ann Gallagher - Jim Gallagher( Best A2); 5th Muriel Davison - Eugene O'Sullivan; 6th Marion Doherty - Dave Doherty (Session 1); 7th Mary Lyons - Margaret Dowd; 8th Marian Gallagher - Phyllis Murphy (Session 2) ; 9th Joann Naaijkens - Harry Naaijkens; 10th Mary Eivers - Christine Griffin; 11th Anne Murray - Peadar O'Donnell (Best Region); 12th Declan Harte - Margaret McCarthy; 13th Mary Moriarty - Martin O'Brien; 14th Dolores Farrell - Peg O'Hagan; 15th Pat Lyons - Anne Marie Tuohy; 16th Terry Blackman - Emmet Devlin; 17th Ray Nally - Jerome Tarpey; 18th Valerie Cantwell - Concepta Healy; 19th Clodagh O'Donnell - Robert Brown; 20th Ita O'Sullivan - Jason Cottrell (Best Donegal)

Intermediate ‘B’ & Novice Pair
1st Christine Bell - Una Morrison 2nd Marian Skelly - Carmel Gallinagh 3rd Eva Giblin - Ann Marie Keaney; 4th James Cavanagh - Atholl Stewart (=Session 2); 5th Renee O'Sullivan - Pat O'Sullivan; 6th Betty Woods - Breege McCready; 7th Anne Milligan - Christine Stewart (= Session 1) 8th Wendy Buddin - John Farren (=Best Region ) 9th Margaret Doherty - Liam Doherty(= Best Donegal ); 10th Joe Doherty - Noel Houston ; 11th Paddy Macken - June Murphy ; 12th Sandra Peden - Frances Dunne (N)=Best Novice.

Gala Pairs
1. Columba Diver & J. J. Doherty; 2. Patsy & Margaret O’Kane; 3. John McClenaghan & James McLaughlin; 4. Paddy & Alice Carr; 5 Rita Harvey & James F. Lafferty; 6. Patricia Colleran & Anne Gavigan; 7. Ann Buckley & Patricia Laird; 8. Anne McKiernan & Mairin Ni Ruanai; 9. M Marion Donlon & Lynne Knight; 10 Julie Conry & Nuala McDermott. 11. Michael Gallagher & Aileen Ward; 12 Niamh Feeney & Joanne Macken; 13. Maureen Kearns & Barbara Ferguson; 14. Anne Milligan & Christine Stewart; 15. Anne Murray & Peadar O’Donnell; 16. Bernadette Bradley & Eithne Lougrey; 17. Cathy Kilcoyne & Margaret Nally; 18. S. Doherty & M. McLaughlin; 18. Mary Redmond & Beatrice McDermott; 20 JJ Donlon & Kathleen Kelly.

November 2018 - Friday Open Pairs:
N/S: 1 : Carmel Nolan & Maureen Kelly; 2 Mary Doherty & Mary McGlenaghan;3. Frances & Jim Sproule. E/W 1. Paddy McHugh & Gladys Sheridan; 2. Kathleen McCay & Mary Doherty; 3. Paddy & Alice Carr

3rd Nov ’18: N/S 1. Paddy & Tony Carr; 2 Pauline Burke & Kitty Long; 3. Eugene McRoe & Michael Kearney. E/W 1. Rita Harvey & John F Laferty ; 2 Paddy McHugh & Gladys Sheridan 3 Mary B Doherty & Kathleen McCay.

4th Nov Sun Noon: N/S: 1. Columba Diver & JJ Doherty; 2 Frances & Jim Sproule; 3 Patricia Colleran & Anne Gavigan. E/W: 1 Christine Stewart & Anne Milligan; 2 Dolores Crummy & Gladys Sheridan; 3 Paddy McHugh &Tom Mc Nicholas

4th Nov Sun Night: 1. Carmel Nolan & Maureen Kelly; 2. Kathy Monks & Noreen Kelly; 3. Collette McCoole & Cliff Wade.
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