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Two-thirds in Donegal rely on people of working age 06.07.17

THE average age of the Donegal population is currently 38.5 years, almost two years older than in 2011 and a year older than the national average, Census data shows.
Those living in urban areas are on average 2.4 years younger than those in rural areas.
Nationally, the average age increased by 1.3 years to 37.4 years, while the average age in rural areas was 2.4 years higher than that of urban areas.
Population Average Age & Dependency Rates.
And Donegal is also a county that is heavily reliant on its working population.
Age dependency is a measure of the extent to which the young, aged up to 14 years, and people aged 65 and older, are dependent on the population of people of working age, defined as those aged 15 to 64 years.
In Donegal, almost two-thirds of the population rely on the one-third who are of working age.
The dependency rate in Donegal is 60.5%, that is, the number of young and older people together are equal to 60.5% of the total number of working age people.
This is significantly higher than the national rate of 52.7%. The Donegal summary was among the headline results from Census 2016 released by the Central Statistics Office today.
Population by age group.
The figures show that in Donegal, the numbers in the pre-school, young adults and adults age groups all fell between 2011 and 2016, while nationally only the pre-school and young adults age groups showed a decline. The numbers in the pre-school age group fell by 15.3%, compared to a national decline of 7.0%, while the numbers of young adults fell by 16.2% in Donegal as against a fall of 6.5% nationally.
The national census was carried out on April 24, 2016 and shows that Ireland's population now stands at 4,761,865 people.
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