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Be safe on Donegal roads this Easter 12.04.17

THE Donegal Road Safety Working Group is urging road users to "act responsibly" when travelling during the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.
As hundreds of people take to the roads to visit family and friends over the coming days, the group urged drivers to "be patient" with slow-moving traffic, cyclists, pedestrians and other road users. The group also said that two people lost their lives on Donegal roads so far this year out of a nationwide total of 48 deaths.
Donegal road safety officer Brian O'Donnell said: "We must be mindful that any mistake on the road can lead to very serious consequences for everyone involved. This weekend brings added risks as more people are using the roads, so please be extra vigilant about your safety and the safety of others.
"We want everyone to enjoy the Easter Bank Holiday weekend without fear of meeting a driver speeding, impaired on either drugs, alcohol or both. To avoid becoming a statistic and leaving behind a devastated family, responsibility must fall on each and every road user," Mr O'Donnell added.
Some essential road safety tips:
Always wear a seatbelt and ensure all passengers do so.
Never drink or drug drive.
Avoid driving if you're tired.
Always obey the speed limit.
Don't use a mobile phone while driving.
Wear hi-viz clothing if you're a pedestrian, cyclist or motorcyclist.
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