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Do you own a vacant house in Donegal? 06.04.17

A new scheme aimed at bringing vacant private housing back into use offers opportunities for house owners in Donegal.
The Repair and Leasing Scheme will allow owners of houses vacant for over one year the opportunity to carry out repairs to bring them up to letting standard. Donegal County Council is currently seeking applications or expressions of interest from owners of vacant houses who may be interested in participating.
The Repair and Leasing Scheme is part of the Rebuilding Ireland Action Plan, and is one of a number of initiatives to bring vacant private housing stock back into productive use, in suitable locations where there is demand for social housing.
The local authority will pay for the initial repair costs, subject to a limit of 40,000, in return for a 10 to 20 year lease.
The lease payments will be adjusted over a period to recoup the initial repair costs.
The council said the benefits of the scheme include:
Guaranteed rent on a property that has not been generating an income;
Upgrading of property that might otherwise become derelict;
No loss of rent during vacant periods;
No day-to-day maintenance or tenancy management;
No need to collect rent or finding a new tenant;
Avoid advertising costs;

The property will be returned to the property owner at the end of the term in good repair order and condition, save for fair wear and tear.
Donegal County Council has already commenced initial work on a complementary Scheme, called the 'Buy and Renew' Scheme. This scheme involves the local authority buying and refurbishing suitable vacant properties within town and village centres, in order to support urban renewal.
The focus will be on older housing stock, in particular, as part of the response to tackling dereliction and improving streetscapes in towns and villages. Full details at .
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