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Buncrana drinking water to flow in Greencastle 27.02.17

IRISH Water has said it signed a contract today to "eliminate the risk posed" by Greencastle's drinking water supply.
The utility company said it would invest €5.8 million in the Inishowen Regional Water Supply Scheme to "provide a secure supply of water to the people of Greencastle" via the Fullerton Pollan Dam in Buncrana.
The Greencastle Water Supply has elevated levels of trihalomethanes (THMs) and is on the Environmental Protection Agency’s Remedial Action List. "These much-needed works will enable the decommissioning of the Greencastle Water Treatment Plant (WTP)," Irish Water added in a statement.
The company has appointed Lagan Construction Group Ltd., to carry out the project with works set to begin within weeks, in April 2017.
The estimated completion date is December 2018.
Fullerton Pollan Dam at the Illies, Buncrana.
The Greencastle supply is currently supplied by the Greencastle Water Treatment Plant and the East Inishowen (Redcastle) Water Treatment Plant.
"This project will address the current water quality issues in the Greencastle supply by transferring water from the Pollan Dam Water Treatment Plant to East Inishowen while allowing the decommissioning of the Greencastle (plant)."
Irish Water's Declan Cawley said: “The project includes the transfer of 1,500m3/day from the Pollan Dam Water Treatment Plant into East Inishowen and will necessitate the construction of a pumping station within the existing Pollan Dam site, a 6.95km rising main to a new reservoir at Crockaveeny and 4.5km of distribution main.”
The company's operations manager for Donegal, Laurence Nash added: “Irish Water is acutely aware of the issue with THMs in the Greencastle water supply and is delighted to be progressing with this project which will eliminate the risk posed on the supply.” The project team is to notify the local community in advance of planned works and will liaise closely with businesses, residents and An Garda Síochána over potential disruption during the works.
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