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Meet the Donegal cat run over FIVE times in one day 10.04.17

MEET the tom cat who refuses to be road-kill after being run over FIVE times in the one day.
The ginger m – ale was negotiating terrain near a busy Donegal roundabout when he was hit by a car.
A local volunteer with Animals in Need happened to be driving by and "watched in horror" as the cat was run over four more times as she pulled in to help him.
But the fizzy feline clearly didn’t want to be Dead & Ginger or brown (ginger) bread either and survived, cartoon-like, to purr another day.
Ginger dodger: Beautiful Donegal Town cat that refuses to be road kill.
The charity told amazed followers how the “small tiger” incredibly survived cat-astrophe, adding that the feisty feline ended up with just a scratch after his ordeal.
"Thinking the cat must be dead after this, she nevertheless went to check on him as he lay in the middle of the busy road and as she did, he weakly raised his head in a daze,” the sanctuary said.
"She stopped the traffic and lifted the cat away from the road to put him in her car at which point he came to and gave her a nasty bite for her trouble and then went completely wild inside the car."
The "hissing ball of fury" was taken to a local cattery and subsequently transported to a vet for a check-up.
"Although he most certainly used up a few of his nine lives with this escapade, the vet check revealed that all he had suffered was a scratch to his nose. The bitten volunteer also had to visit a doctor and has received treatment for her wound," the charity added.
The volunteers quipped that last Thursday's capers were "straight out of a comedy road movie". They also appealed for any owners of the "semi-feral" feline to come forward to claim him.
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