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Trouble in the fields for farmers after flash floods 23.08.17

FARMERS in the Inishowen peninsula are out assessing water-logged fields and counting the cost of yesterday’s flash floods on their livestock and crops.
Representatives say they're expecting reports of animal losses in the coming days after two major rivers, the Crana and Foyle, and other smaller waterways burst their banks due to torrential downpours lasting several hours.
One farmer worked throughout Tuesday with the help of friends to rescue 54 sheep trapped in a corner of a field in the Burnfoot area. Many other farmers had to scramble in treacherous conditions to move animals to higher ground or indoors where barn space was available.
Irish Farmers' Association representative in Donegal Charlie Doherty said while wet weather was forecast for the area, the severity and duration of the thunder storm took many by surprise.
"We've all seen torrential downpours before but it was the prolonged nature of these ones that caught people out - I've never seen anything like it.
"The real danger was for the sheep in fields beside rivers that wouldn't have been able to get to higher ground and could have been swept away in the strong currents.
"People are still assessing the damage and we won't know for a few days exactly how bad the problem is. But all the livestock are out in the fields at this time of year and the potential for losses is high," said Mr Doherty.
Mr Doherty, a potato grower, said he suffered a small amount of damage to one field but is thankful most of his crop is safe. He said he knew of at least one pig farmer in the peninsula who is also counting the cost on his business.
Mr Doherty said he received multiple calls for sandbags from residents and businesses in the Bridgend and Burt areas hit by the flash downpours.
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