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12,558 empty properties in Donegal 02.03.17

DONEGAL has more than 12,500 vacant or derelict homes - the second highest rate outside of Dublin, new figures show.
The statistics were slated by a Donegal TD who attended the launch this week of the Simon Community's 'Empty Homes' report.
Simonís report included a ten-point plan calling on the Government to enact a range of measures to address the problem such as Compulsory Purchase Orders; emergency legislation and the expansion of a number of schemes.
Commenting on Donegal's 12,558 vacant and derelict houses, Deputy Thomas Pringle said: Thatís enough housing to address the needs of everyone facing homelessness or already in homelessness in Donegal.
"I donít believe itís fair to call this a housing crisis anymore. Itís a manmade disaster brought on by chronic inaction by the Fine Gael Government."
The Independent representative called on Donegal County Council to immediately carry out an audit of vacant and derelict homes "to establish the reasons behind a high rate of vacancy so that we can move towards increasing the availability of private housing stock for tenants".
He claimed that the Government's Ä32m Repair and Leasing scheme would tackle only 3,500 properties nationwide. Meanwhile, he said he would shortly bring forward a bill calling for a referendum to include the right to housing in the Irish Constitution.
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