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Donegal unemployment levels "so bleak" 21.06.17

BREXIT will 'disproportionately affect' border counties like Donegal which already has six unemployment blackspots, a TD has said.
Deputy Charlie McConalogue said the region had consistently been "neglected" by the current administration leading to a two-tier recovery.
“The border area has never been a priority for this Government, and it is only following Britain’s decision to leave the EU that the region has begun to feature on the Government’s agenda.
"Since 2012 there have been 27 IDA site visits in Donegal - that’s out of a total of 2,439 nationally. Those figures speak for themselves and are a damning indictment of Fine Gael’s neglect of the region," he said.
“The latest Census 2016 data identifies six unemployment blackspots in the county, including Letterkenny, Raphoe and Gortahork, with unemployment rates varying from 27% to 35%. These levels of unemployment are particularly worrying – and are further evidence of the two-tier recovery which Fine Gael has presided over in the last six years."
The Inishowen-based FF deputy, said Brexit posed enormous risks for Ireland generally and the border region in particular.
“The fallout from Brexit is the biggest challenge this country has faced in a generation and the border region will be disproportionately affected.
Deputy Charlie McConalogue.
While the decision by the Taoiseach to assign special responsibility for Brexit to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney is welcome, it doesn’t fully recognise the enormity of the task ahead of us, especially here in the border region.
“With the unemployment situation so bleak in parts of Donegal, it is imperative that the Government comes up with a strategy to limit any further deterioration of the situation and to put supports in place for small businesses and entrepreneurs, which have the potential to create local jobs," he added.
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