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Moville GAA hosts Jim McGuinness 10.01.12

MOVILLE GAA welcomed Donegal senior football manager, Jim McGuinness, to the club on January 5, last, to chair an open forum and discussion on a plan for the future development of the club at all levels.
Some 60 members of the club attended as chairman Davy McLaughlin gave a brief overview of the forum which was broken into three main areas, namely, senior, underage, and community engagement.
The senior county manager was aware of the issues facing GAA clubs in modern life with the increased number of alternative activities available to players which would impact on their availability to train or play for their local clubs. He felt that with increased co-operation between local groups, a workable solution could be found that would benefit all the groups involved and also the players.
He went on to talk about how his home club Glenties went from being an Intermediate club which had never won a senior county championship or county league to being one of the powerhouses of Donegal GAA. He talked about the steps that Glenties took to achieve their success and that it was based on providing the right development plan and support for players from under six years to senior level. He felt that there was a strong need within clubs to have a large number of people involved at every level of the club and the days of one or two people running a team are now gone and that in Glenties they now have between 6 and 8 people involved in every team from managers to water carriers to interested parents who are available to provided positive re-enforcement to players when required.
In relation to community engagement, it was felt that clubs need to provide an ambience where the youths of the club can come and enjoy their football and develop at their own pace in a safe, welcoming and fun environment.
When the forum was over Jim spent 20 minutes taking questions about the future of the Donegal senior menís team and how to evolve a winning team to keep winning.
Davy McLaughlin closed the forum by thanking everyone who had attended and gave a special thanks to Jim McGuinness for coming up and wished him and Donegal luck for the season. (Moville GAA)
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